RvD2 Frequently Asked Questions


  Part 1

Questions answered:

  • Where did you film RvD2?
  • How long did it take you?
  • What camera did you shoot with?
  • What software programs did you use?

  Part 2

Questions answered:

  • Where did you get the lightsaber props?
  • How did you do the lightsaber effects?
  • How did you do the wall effects?

  Part 3

Questions answered:

  • How did you get that "Movie Look"?
  • Where did the music come from?
  • Did all those people really work on the movie?

  Part 4

Questions answered:

  • Why don't you wear Star Wars costumes?
  • Did you study the "official" lightsaber styles?
  • How did Dorkman survive getting stabbed in the heart?
  • What's up with the ending to RvD1?
  • Can I buy the movies on DVD?

  Part 5

Questions answered:

  • Does Ryan really work at ILM?
  • Can you work on my film?
  • Did you guys go to film school?
  • Do you guys have jobs in the industry?
  • Are you going to work on the Star Wars TV show?
  • Will there be an RvD3?


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