Behind the Scenes
Six featurettes documenting the creation of RvD2 including the production, composing the score, and theatrical premiere of the film.

VFX Breakdowns
An exploration into the creation of the film's visual effects, detailing the challenges presented by each shot.

Before & After
"Side by side" comparison of the raw production footage and the final version of the film, with the production audio track.

Two audio commentaries with filmmakers Michael Scott, Ryan Wieber and Travis Boles, reflecting on the experience of making RvD2.

Isolated Score
A music-only presentation of the film, featuring the original score composed by Gordy Haab and Kyle Newmaster exclusively for RvD2.

Choreography Footage
Rough "animatic" style choreography, including sequences and ideas not used in the final film.

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Included for free with the Making of RvD2 is a bonus DVD containing Ryan vs Dorkman II and the original RvD, which started it all.

Purchase of this DVD is not necessary to view the films themselves.
You can view and download them for free on their respective pages of this site,
including, on the downloads page, an ISO file of the bonus disc included for free with The Making of RvD2.

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Included on the CD:

The complete 7-minute score to Ryan vs Dorkman II, composed for the film by Gordy Haab and Kyle Newmaster, and recorded with a 60-piece orchestra at Capital Studios in Hollywood, California.

An in-depth, 70-minute interview with composers Gordy Haab and Kyle Newmaster, conducted by filmmakers Michael Scott and Ryan Wieber. Join them as they discuss a wide range of topics prompted by fan-submitted questions, from the unique experiences and challenges of collaborating on the scoring of the film, to their own perspectives on the music industry today.

Visual Effects Breakdown

The Ryan vs Dorkman II Behind the Scenes DVD is available now. Here is a clip from the huge VFX Breakdown feature on the DVD.

Watch as we discuss the effects processes involved in this particular shot, and break it down into it's elements visually, to demonstrate them.


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